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Our Team

Durga Devi Ghimire (Chairmain/ Founder)
Cell ph.: +9779849056230
She has worked with international volunteers since a decade. She has been associated with several organizations in Nepal and India and gained extensive work experiences on women empowerment, social justice, permaculture and sustainable agriculture, environment and ecology, primary education, etc. She is very social, honest, frank and convivial. She loves traveling and helping.

Bishnu Prasad Poudel (Program Co-ordinator) 
Cell ph: +9779849056230
He worked social organization for 10 years. He started Future Nepal in 2000. He is a writer of JOB Book of Nepal and Inside Nepal Magazine. He co-ordinates & design various project. He traveled whole Nepal for volunteer program, design different cultural program and festivals, digital photo printing, computer, co-operative training etc. He his a success organizer of tourism festivals in different parts of Nepal. His interest gathering people, design development project, giving job ideas, writing books, co-operative formation, lunching stone project and design different tourism and cultural festivals all over Nepal.

Raj Bahadur Chhetre 
Coordinator (Co-ordinator)
Raj Bahadur Chhetri is a co-coordinator, supporting volunteers throughout their placement in Chitwan Meghauli. Raj Bahadur is also a social responsibility and member of Meghauli tourism committee and takes our volunteers in Village treks and Jungle treks. Raj Bahadur is retire Indian army. He is playing vital role in co-operative on that village. Raj Bahadur is very friendly and open with good English, Nepali and Hindi

Samjhana Panday 
Program Coordinator in Gorkha

She is a good teacher in local government school in Gorkha. She live with husband and two children. She is a social women and participate in different community project in village. She coordinate to our volunteer in Gorkha district. She is very helpful and kind.

Tara Poudel 
Co-ordinator in Chitwan

Tara worked with international volunteer since 2006. She co-coordinate volunteer at placement in Chitwan. She is also a social worker and involved in different on going project in Chitwan. She is a good mother of two kids and income generating trainer as well. She is friendly and open.

Bishnu Ghimire
Co-ordinator Sightseeing and Trekking
Bishnu is travel co-coordinator. He is a very  guide. He arranges sightseeing, trekking, rafting and Jungle safari for volunteers. . He takes our volunteer in trekking Annapurna and Langtang area. He is very friendly, helpful and open with good English.

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Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Inside Nepal Travel and Volunteer program!
Are you looking for a volunteer work experience, career break, or just a meaningful travel experience, Inside-Nepal offers a variety of volunteering programs in Nepal. When you volunteer in Nepal with us you receive a great volunteering experience and are guaranteed a professional support network to guide you throughout your stay in Nepal. Socially acceptable and financially independent volunteering program are located in multicultural environment where people are helping and hospitable.Our Volunteer programs are the perfect way to help others, make a difference, find purpose, enjoy a meaningful conversation, feel involved, use your skills in a productive way, develop new skills, meet new people,explore new areas of interest, impress yourself, expand your horizons, make new friends and Strengthen your resume.
Our Volunteer opportunities: Teaching English
Homestay and Cultural Exchange
Health Post Volunteer Program (Medical Internship)

Volunteer Programs

Teaching English:

Teaching English to the children in Nepal is at times challenging, but seeing their progression and enthusiasm make the overall experience extremely satisfying. The volunteers will get the opportunity to teach students who are eager to improve their conversational English skills. Volunteers in this program will teach English to children in government schools; you can also teach in other disciplines such as math, science, music, geography, art, dance, etc. Depending on your specific area of expertise.

The students that you will be teaching range from 5-16 years old, and are typical in groups of around 30-50 students per class. The subject material that you will be teaching i.e. the curriculum for the key subjects will be taken from the Nepali students' standard book. However volunteers are also encouraged to create their own lesson plans; lots of inspiration for classes can be found online as well.

Each institution has its own permanent staff member who assists volun…