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Frequently Ask Question

Why do I have to pay a registration fee?
The registration fees goes towards the running of the organization (office space, staff, computers, email/internet and stationery). Inside-Nepal has a central office in Kathmandu and a branch office in Chitwan. We are currently sponsoring Orphanage, Children Research Center and Village Development; some part of the fee goes towards costs for these projects.

What kind of volunteers is Inside-Nepal looking for?
InsideNepal has worked with universities and colleges, organizations, clubs, church groups, youth groups and individuals. You do not need any specialized training to work with us. We will provide you with appropriate training for your program, although experience in teaching, health work or environmental project can be advantage.

When should I arrive in Nepal?
We are very flexible and as such you can arrive at a date which is best suited to your needs.

I meet any Inside-Nepal staff at the airport?
Yes, one of our representatives will come to receive you at the airport, holding a sign with your name and Inside-Nepal

Where will I be staying during my training period?
During your training period, you will be placed at a Guest House in Thamel, near Inside-Nepal head office.

Where will I be placed?
During the orientation and training, you will be placed at hotel in Thamel near Inside-Nepal head office. After orientation and training phase, you will be placed in your respective placement.

What kinds of thing do I need to bring with me?
You should brings:
Sleeping bag
Hiking boots
Fleece jacket (during winter months)
Sun cream
Mosquito net/repellent
Water purification tablets and water filter
Photos of your family/ friends
A few examples of your local currency
National flag
Colored pencils, pens, drawing books, grammar books, charity donation t-shirts
First aid kit

Is there age limit in program?
Yeas, Minimum 18 to Maximum 70

What types of immunization/ vaccines do I need before coming to Nepal?

Several vaccinations are required prior to coming to Nepal, some need a course of treatment before you leave. Visit your nearest traveler's medical centre to discuss your needs. Ensure you have adequate travel insurance. The vaccinations you may need include:
a. Tetanus
b. Diphtheria
c. Polio
d. Hepatitis A & B
e. Typhoid
f. Yellow fever
g. Rabies
h. Tuberculosis
i. Malaria
Please consult your doctor before traveling. More information is available from the WHO's (World Health Organization) Travelers health information.

Do I need any travel medical insurance?
Yes, we highly recommend that you have travel and medical insurance.

Is Nepal safe?
Nepal is the land of Buddha so it is quite safe. Every year thousands of tourist visit Nepal.

What's the weather like in the placement areas?
Nepal's climate is seasonally changeable and different in different regions. Geographically Nepal is divided into three parts. The mountain region of Nepal is very cold in winter while the mid-hill region (Kathmandu and Pokhara) and mid-terai region (Chitwan) have different climate in different seasons. The weather is cold from December to March, humid and quite hot in the summer. The spring and fall are cool and pleasant. Please bring your winter clothes if you are coming in November, December, January, February and summer clothes for the rest of the months. We advise female volunteers not to wear short skirts in villages, and male volunteers not to wear shorts. It is traditional for Nepali people dress modestly and for girls to cover most of their body.

Emergency contact:
In case you miss our representative at the airport or if your flight schedule changes suddenly, please give us a call on 977- 9849056230 0r 977-9851088020

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